Softcover Book: Kristen’s Rainy Day

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Author: JacQuan D. Winters
Illustrated by: Markus Prime
Summary: Kristen is looking forward to having a fantastic Friday until it starts raining. Will Kristen allow the rain to ruin her day?
Ages: 7 & Up

13 reviews for Softcover Book: Kristen’s Rainy Day

  1. Nigel


  2. Lisa Riley


  3. T.R. Baker

    The cover of your book is beautiful. It makes me smile. #blackgirlmagic

  4. Lisa Garrerr (verified owner)

    A very positive book, well written and illustrated!

  5. Sandra Jemison

    Kristen triumphs!

  6. LT

    Awesome book! Teachers and students love it!

  7. Sharon White

    A helpful tool to remind all ages that a sunny outlook can overcome dampened spirits. A wonderful story that is well written with vibrant illustrations.

  8. Sue Johnson

    I am CEO for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Birmingham and am using this book with the children in our program. This is an excellent book to teach children positive coping skills. I recommend this book for therapeutic settings, use by teachers in the classroom, parents and casual reading by children. Perfectly written and illustrated!

  9. Maria Makarov

    A fabulous book for kids to read. My classroom loved it!

  10. Sue Johnson

    This is a beautifully written book about remaining positive in the face of adversity. It teaches our children that how we look at situations can make all the difference in how we handle them. A wonderful tool for teachers, therapists, social workers, parents and most importantly our children! I am using this book in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Birmingham Program with our children. Highly recommend.

  11. James

    This book is right on time for our youth! It is powerful and can provide much insight and encouragement when they are going through things that may seem insurmountable.

  12. Tamar Wilson (verified owner)

    We were able to follow Kristen’s story and pinpoint when she had a positive mindset and a negative mindset. It was awesome to see how she was able to pull herself back together and show resilience in the midst of negative situations. This was a great read for my 3rd-8th grade students.

  13. Holly (verified owner)

    Love this book! I think this is a good story for my 5 and 14 year old children. It is so important to teach children how to cope with disappointment in healthy ways, stand up for friends, rely on faith and re-focus to maintain a positive attitude.

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