About Kristen

Kristen Amerson was a beautiful young lady who loved experimenting with fashion, make-up, and hairstyles. She was the only girl in a household with three brothers and one of her favorite activities was playfully teasing her brothers. Anyone who knew Kristen could see how gifted she was, and how much of a gift she was to both her family and her community.

Kristen ended her life on Thursday, April 10th, 2014, at the young age of 11. Suicide amongst youth always leaves the family and loved ones wondering what more could have been done, and Kristen’s family is no different. There was never a point when Kristen’s family pictured life without her. She was a given, and they never thought she would not be with them. With increasing awareness of youth suicide, it is understood that no one can know the truth of what an individual is experiencing.

Kristen’s life was just beginning, and she never got the chance to meet her potential or find her purpose, but her life has inspired the formation and work of the Kristen Amerson Youth Foundation to spread awareness of issues including youth suicide, mental illness, trauma, and bullying. The hope of the organization lies in its ability to impact the lives of the local community and underserved youth who need support.

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